Blogs, They Are A-Changin’… to a New Address!


My current whereabouts in Pokhara, Nepal.

My travel blog Arimo travels has moved. From now on, all new blog posts will appear at is a good platform for blogs, but it has its limitations. Now that I have some interesting collaborations coming up, I decided to take my blog one step further. Thus, I registered my own domain

I’ll move old WordPress followers of the blog to the new site soon. From what I’ve understood, old followers will only see new posts on their WordPress reader. In other words, you won’t get email notifications for new posts anymore – unless you start email subscription on the new site. Please do it, because I love all your comments and I want to keep in touch with you! There are both a WordPress subscription button and an email subscription form on the sidebar of the new domain.

Thank you for all the clicks and feedback I’ve received so far. There will lots of new content coming soon, so stay tuned. I hope to see you on the other side!

(Oh boy, I’m starting to feel like a real travel blogger now.)

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