I Found Paradise (and It’s Called Gokarna)


Om Beach, located a few kilometers south from the town of Gokarna, India.

After over two months of traveling, I’ve had moments when I’ve been bored with the monotonous cycle of moving from one place to the next. Then I found Gokarna, my new favorite place in the world that reminded me why I’m traveling.

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Visiting Kerala During the Monsoon Season


Athirappilly Falls in Kerala

Many travelers have strong opinions about India. They either love it or hate it, or feel both of the things at the same time. After a week in Kerala, Southern India, I started to understand why.

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5 Reasons Why I Recommend Visiting Eastern and Central Europe


Sunset in Bratislava, Slovakia

Only a few countries of the former Eastern Bloc have become popular tourist destinations after the end of the Cold War. At the beginning of my trip around the world, I spent 6 weeks traveling through Eastern and Central Europe. Here are 5 reasons why I think more travelers should visit the post-communist East.

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The Wrong Season to Visit United Arab Emirates


The misty view down from Burj Khalifa.

I was originally planning to fly from Iran straight to India, but there were no direct flights. Instead, I’d have to wait for countless of hours in an airport in Dubai or some other country of the Arabian peninsula. Heck, I thought. Instead of waiting at the airport, I might as well stay in United Arab Emirates for a few days.

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How to Waste Time During Long Train Journeys


If you want to waste time on a train trip, stick your head out of the window and try to take an exciting selfie. At least that’s what I do!

Trains offer a relatively comfortable, cheap and environmentally friendly way of transport all around the world. Still, long train journeys can get tedious. Here are a few ways to fight the dullness.

Something about train traveling fascinates me. Maybe it’s the idea how you lock yourself out of the outside world for multiple hours. You sit, loll and walk around in this weird chain of wheeled rooms. Without a Wi-Fi, the only means of wasting time are those that you’ve packed with you. And although you cannot go outside, you still get great, slowly changing views from the windows.

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Sleepless in Istanbul


The European side of Istanbul is split into two parts by the main waterway Golden Horn. My hotel was in the northern side, while the main attractions of the old town awaited in the south.

I had delayed my arrival in Turkey in the aftermath of the Atatürk Airport attack. Instead of staying in the city for three nights, I now had only one day to experience Istanbul. This is what I noticed during one long morning around the city.

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Sofia and the Fellowship of Travelers


The moment I try to avoid: arriving in a new city late at night.

After the Atatürk Airport terrorist attack, I decided to delay my departure to Istanbul and go to Sofia, Bulgaria, for two nights instead. Besides a beautiful historical city, I also witnessed the generosity of other travelers.

Wednesday 29th of June, 11:30 PM. My train to Sofia arrived over an hour behind schedule, so I had to look for my guesthouse at night. I’ve never been fond of walking around in the dark with all my belongings. Searching for the right building in a dark alley didn’t make the experience any more enjoyable.

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48 Hour Moldova Experience


The Nativity Cathedral of Chișinău, the main cathedral of the Moldovan Orthodox Church.

Eastern Europe is becoming a more and more popular tourist destination every year. Former communist countries have opened up to visitors, showing their rich nature and cultural heritage to foreigners. But there’s still one country that goes almost unnoticed by the outside world: Moldova.

If Moldova is famous for something, it’s famous for, well, not being famous. Landlocked between Ukraine and Romania, it’s the least visited country in Europe. According to Lonely Planet, Moldova has approximately 12,000 to 20,000 annual visitors. On average, that means only about 30-55 foreigners crossing the border to Moldova every day.

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